2018 ACG Parnell College Science Fair 

The 2018 ACG Parnell College School Science Fair attracted a large number of strong entries. Students who participated had to conduct an original scientific investigation or construct a piece of technology that could be used to solve a global or local issue. Each project culminated in the production of a display board that outlined their experiment and a brief presentation which required them to defend the rigour of their experimental method. Students had the option of working individually or in pairs. Congratulations to all of our prize winners.

1st Place – Eli Le Fevre and Ulrich Fuhring
2nd Place – Blake Barraclough and Donato Tan
3rd Place – Stella Pegram
Highly Commended – Brian Zhao, Lance Du , Diya Ashok, Jeremy Lin, Levon Lakmana Arachchige, Sreenidhi Nair and Bryn Kliskey
Commended – Dev Patel, Samuel Case

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