2020 School Production

Calling all inspiring actors for our 2020 production.

Godspell is a little different than other shows, as the characters, other than Jesus
and John the Baptist/Judas, aren’t named. In every cast, the actor’s actual name is used. The
success of Godspell will depend, not upon a few lead roles, but by the entire cast
embracing the idea of being an apostle or disciple of Jesus.


  • John the Baptist/Judas: One performer plays both of these roles, which is quite a challenge.
    This actor must be charismatic in the opening, headstrong and comical in the middle of the
    show, and eventually turn on Jesus at the end; all of this while being a great singer, too. This
    role requires strong singing and acting.
  • Jesus: A natural-born teacher. We will look for a performer who is a good singer and is
    comfortable taking on a leadership position without being bossy or judgmental. Jesus
    experiences a full array of emotions during the show, so this challenging role requires a solid
    actor who can convincingly perform this range.
  • Apostle or disciple: involves acting out parables from the Gospel of Matthew and developing the body language and energy of each character.
  • Auditions songs: Prepare Ye, Day by Day, By My Side, Save the People. (Choose one)


  • Rehearsals will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 3:30-5:45 and Saturdays
    from 10:00-4:00. You will not be needed at every rehearsal or for the full day on Saturdays
    but please make sure you are available or flexible on these days and times so you can
    attend when needed. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be distributed at the start of the
  • All production communications will be through email. It is important that you have a reliable
    email address that you check regularly.
  • Pre-production tech & dress rehearsal week is 30 March – 4 April. You must be available for
    all rehearsal during this time.
  • Production dates are 5-8 April 2020 you must be available for all performances.
  • As always, full attendance is vital to ensure continuity and for everyone to reach the high
    standards expected of our shows. Everyone plays an important part in the production and
    absences at rehearsals make it challenging for everyone. Please remember you are part of
    a team and your teammates rely on you to be present and learn your part. We will be
    teaching songs and dances as well as blocking scenes at each rehearsal and if someone is
    absent we need to re-teach it all the next time. Being part of the production is a wonderful
    experience – you will make new friends, develop skills, gain confidence and have fun!
  • You will be expected to keep up with your schoolwork and assignments throughout the
    rehearsal and production period. Be sure to plan and manage your time.
  • There will be a production fee of $50 for all cast members.

ACG Parnell College

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