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Greetings from China!

As part of our membership of International Baccalaureate I am required to attend one of their world conferences.  This year the March conference was held in Hong Kong which enabled me to travel on into China and meet with parents, something I am enjoying immensely!  Their feedback has been invaluable to me and I have appreciated their warmth and appreciation of our school.

There were two key themes at the IB conference: resilience of today’s children, and the changing requirements of education going forwards.  There was interesting new research put forward with regard to resilience which had been made possible by the use of artificial intelligence analysis.  For me what was noteworthy here is that it seemed to be supporting traditional wisdom – children from loving families, who had a balanced/holistic education and were allowed to learn some of life’s lessons as they grew up, tended to be resilient and successful.  For children who were more at risk the importance of teachers taking a personal interest in their students was incredibly important.

The changing face of education is significant.  The realisation that Artificial Intelligence can and will perform many of today’s jobs better than humans will see massive changes in the jobs our children will be able to find.  Hairdressing was identified as one of the jobs least likely to be replaced by robots.  Teaching too is unlikely to be replaced any time soon.  The crux of the matter is that anything that involves creativity and relationships will be least likely to be replaced by robots in the near future.

What this means is that the universities and employers are crying out for people who can demonstrate these two skills on their CV.  As one highly distinguished university pointed out, they and employers receive huge numbers of applications from students with excellent exam results.  What they are looking for is evidence of creativity and the ability to work with and lead others.  Once again they reminded us of the importance of extra-curricular activities in gaining a competitive edge.

Russell Brooke

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