Performing Arts Showcase

The Performing Arts showcase marks the revealing of many new events in 2019.  Many were able to witness the much-anticipated debut of ACG Parnell’s first Symphony Orchestra in the theatre of the new Davis Campus.  Musicians and actors were able to showcase their achievements from the term with the benefits of the theatre.  With such an amazing venue, the improved acoustics and various lighting effects certainly improved the performance quality.  Photographer and audience member, Eric Lu, remarked ‘I liked how the lights were elegantly reflected on the highly polished surfaces of the wind instruments and how they created smooth flares on the wooden surfaces of the stringed ones. The projection of aesthetic shadow patterns gave me a subtle sensation of visual calmness that I have never quite experienced in my nearly six years of taking photos before.  Also, it was such a great opportunity to appreciate the students’ accomplishments outside a classroom.’  Overall, this showcase was an exciting and fulfilling experience which displayed the widespread talent present at ACG Parnell. A huge thank you to all those who came to support.

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