Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

This year I have formed a senior student council to work with me. Student voice is something I value highly and I am appreciative of this group’s openness and willingness to work with me. They are keen that their voice be heard and that their opinions are listened to.  To date, the council has worked on the new sports uniform, re-shaped the school notices as part of a desire to improve communication, discussed teaching and learning in our school, and have started identifying areas for review (such as our student leadership model). 

Communication is a topic which has been discussed at our council meetings and has led to a group of students asking if they could take responsibility for translating our newsletter. Their goal is to enhance communication with wider families. I applaud this initiative and their desire to serve our community.

Our recent council meetings have been devoted to discussing our new senior campus. What has emerged is a clear desire for a high trust pre-university model.  Students enjoy taking responsibility for their learning, being trusted and working alongside great teachers. It is also clear that they want their own “hangout space” – something that we have designed into the new building.

Next week we will to send out to parents, staff and students a consultation survey about this model as we seek opinion as to how it could look in a practical sense. I urge you to support us with your feedback.

Kind regards,
Russell Brooke

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