ACG Combined Schools Concert

On Thursday, 19 September, ACG Parnell’s music ensembles had an amazing opportunity to participate in the ACG Combined Schools Concert ‘Come Together’. As the name suggests, ACG schools such as Strathallan, Tauranga, and Sunderland came together to present various musical items. Held in the Vodafone Events Centre, teachers and students spent an entire day preparing and rehearsing for the evening performance.

One of the pieces, titled ‘Coming Together’, was performed by a combination of ACG’s musicians. This piece requires players to walk onto the stage, so it was wonderful to visually see ACG schools ‘Come Together’ as a whole, united, musical group.

Personally, as a Year 13, I was extremely appreciative of this occasion because it marked my last musical performance. After four years of being part of the evolving Music Department, I was able to celebrate the development of our musical abilities and conclude by performing in ACG’s Combined Schools Concert. Hence, as witness to the evident hard work and commitment, I would like to thank the teachers, musicians, and organisers for making this concert possible.

Overall, the day was exceedingly rewarding as we were able to share, connect, and bond as ACG’s melophiles.

Abigail Yeo
ACG Parnell College, ELL, Year 13

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