ACG University Adviser

Term 3 is here, and it brings with it decisions, deadlines and exams.

One thing that may help with University decisions and pressure is the new ACG University Advice link on MyACG.

It is a link to 22 electronic pages that offer ideas about University choices, application advice, and other things. It even has a parent’s page to address some of the common questions you have.

The aim of the ACG University advice link is to provide some answers to the initial questions students often have, and in the case of the US, UK, and some other pages, let the student know the sort of information and preparation required.

The link is open to all students of ACG Schools, and it is hoped that students and parents will use the various pages to make the most informed choice they can.

This term will be busy for Year 13’s, especially those applying for university accommodation.

Accommodation applications opened on August 1 and Universities are recommending that they be submitted by mid-September, although the official closing date for most is September 29.

I would suggest applying early and get it out of the way.

Good luck, and as always, I am available to meet with either students or parents who would like to talk about university options.

Feel free to email me,

Have a great term.

Guy Mills

ACG University Adviser

ACG Parnell College

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