ARA Lodge Scholarship Competition

Congratulations to Jennifer Zhang who competed in the finals of the Ara Lodge scholarship competition on 23rd of September and achieved an equal first place alongside an extraordinary pianist.

Jennifer wrote about this day:  “Everyone’s performance was of such a high calibre that I did not expect to have received a prize, yet alone an equal first. The preliminaries of 32 talented musicians was just as terrifying for me as the finals of 16 exceptional musicians. I was overjoyed to have qualified for the finals and am thankful for all the support everyone has given me. The feeling of playing my piece on stage could not be described with words and I was just carried away in the music.  It was intimidating at first as I had competed in the same competition last year and my standards have gone up higher. I was ecstatic to hear the news of coming first equal and that feeling was better than anything but not as much as performing up on stage alone”.

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