The Best Athletics Day – Primary School

Yesterday was athletics day. First, we packed up. Next, we waited for the bus. I was a bit nervous.

We went on the big bus. We sat in the bus for a few minutes before we arrived. We first watched the big kids run. The teachers let us get ready. Then we got in our lines. Get ready… BANG! We ran as fast as rocket ships. I passed Dina. Then I passed Cadence. Lastly, I passed Renia and won first place. I was so happy that I won first place!

Then we waited and waited. It was our turn but this time I got third place. I was still happy. Next, we had lunch. Then we played Parachute and Jumping Sacks, jumped over hurdles, did beanbag throws and played with hula hoops.

Lastly, I went back to school and played a bit. Finally, I went to afterschool care and went home. Then I said to myself, “I was not nervous when I finished the race.”

By Queenie Qiao
Year 3FUH


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