Auckland MATHEX Competition

This year we had 8 teams (32 students) from Year 7 to Year 10 participating in the AMA Mathex competition on Wednesday 21 August (Year 9 & 10) and Thursday 22 August (Year 7 & 8).

Mathex is a challenging and fast-paced mathematics contest (20 mathematical problem-solving questions) where teams compete against each other to answer questions as quickly as possible.  Students have to be able to work as a team (3 problem solvers and 1 runner).  They have to work quickly and under a lot of pressure because of the time constraints, and the runner is usually exhausted by the end of the evening.

All teams have used their lunch breaks or stayed after school to work through past Mathex questions with Mathematics teachers Mr John Liu and Mr Andrew Stafford prior to the competition.  The students’ hard work and effort has paid off and all teams performed well.  Overall, we had 6 teams score the maximum 100 points and congratulations go to our Year 7 Mathex Team A: Aran (Hongji) Chen, Minu Park, Kino (Nuochen) Shi and Daniel Xian, winners of 2019 Year 7 AMA Mathex Competition.

Thank you to all participants and parents for your support and participation in the event, and the Maths Faculty staff, Ms Sahar Afshan, Mr John Liu, Mr Malcolm McLean and Mr Andrew Stafford who helped on the evenings of the event.

John Liu
Middle School Coordinator, Mathematics Faculty
ACG Parnell College

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