Changes to the Assessment Process in Year 7 – 10 Physical Education

This year the Physical Education Department have made some changes to the way in which students are assessed in Physical Education in Years 7 through to 10. Students at ACG Parnell College study a broad and varied Physical Education Curriculum, comprising of 29 different activities over four years. These activities range from traditional sports such as Soccer and Netball, to new and exciting activities such as Archery, Orienteering and Gymnastics. The PE Department’s belief is that Physical Education can help to develop a wide range of abilities, not purely physical skills. With this in mind, they have developed a new method of assessment which focuses on each pupil’s physical, social and cognitive abilities within Physical Education. This method of assessment will allow students to develop holistically, whilst becoming more aware of the different skills which they must aim to develop personally during their lessons. Students have adapted fantastically to this new method of assessment, with a large number of students commenting on their increased ability to excel in Physical Education due to a broader and more holistic focus.

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