Clay Target South Island Secondary School Points Score Competition

Reuben Lawler (10BQZ) recently attended the South Island & New Zealand Secondary School Clay Target Championships in Christchurch with 400 boys and girls. Reuben won the Secondary School South Island Championship for Point Score.

The first day was the South Island Championship, Reuben shot perfect scores in both Point Score and Single Barrel disciplines. After the respective shoot offs for placings he achieved first place for Point Score and fourth for Single Barrel. The following day Reuben was 6th overall in the New Zealand Championship. It was a promising two days for his first-year shooting.

Reuben also came second in the Secondary School Bay of Plenty Competition in September.

Being new to this sport, Reuben’s parents shared they have found clay shooting to be family-friendly. People within the sport have been very welcoming and encouraging. This is a sport that can be continued throughout life with older members enjoy mentoring newcomers.

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