Cultural Week

Cultural Week was held from 17 to 21 of September to celebrate cultural diversity in the school. It was a vibrant and colourful week which enabled students to experience different cultural activities and food. Each day had a particular focus including Maori, Irish, Korean, Spanish, Chinese and Indian cultures.

The week opened with a performance of the Purea Nei Waita led by Evelyn Yang from the Senior Drama club.  Imogen Bunting, New Zealand Champion under 18 Dancer performed two Irish dances from the Heart of the Highlanders.  Our very own K Pop group performed a couple of upbeat Korean pop dances.  Traditional music could be heard each day as students arrived into the school.

On Wednesday students and staff wore cultural mufti dress.  A variety of activities were organised for this day.  Students were able to enjoy an authentic paella prepared in a massive pan.  Tango dancing was performed by an Argentinian troupe and students were also able to try their luck  splitting open a piñata.

Thursday was the Chinese cultural day.  The Asia New Zealand Foundation generously provided a grant which assisted towards the cost of our school having a Lion Dancer group perform.  Students from both the primary and secondary schools were able to experience this traditional Chinese dance.  It was performed in front of a packed house on both occasions and greatly appreciated. Students from the Chinese club performed an intricate and elegant fan dance.  Chinese dumplings were served at lunch time along with the chance to try Chinese calligraphy.  The Chinese department adorned the student cafeteria in art work.

The week was concluded on Friday with a series of Indian performances made by Sreenidhi Nair, Ujaan Biswas and Jaanavi Santram.  These were also very popular and performed in front of a packed house.

Overall the week was a huge success which was enjoyed by both students and staff.

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