Engineering Science Competition – University of Auckland

The Physics department is very proud to teach such ambitious and driven students who gave up a Saturday to take part in the University of Auckland’s Engineering Science Competition.  Students worked in teams of three or four to research and present an answer to a very open ended question.  The intention here is that students are challenged to work together, as a team, and to think creatively beyond the scope of a classroom.

This year, the question was: “If you had a million dollars to spend on online marketing, what percentage of the NZ population could you convince to sign a petition you wanted championed?”  This required significant time and effort be put into analytical research and students were expected to make a number of assumptions along the way.  They were not allowed help from anyone outside of their team, nor could they communicate with anyone in industry.  Students worked diligently from 10 am until 6 pm to submit a ten page report outlining and explaining their answer.

Out of over 200 teams throughout New Zealand who took part, ACG Parnell College had the most entries – a testament to the motivation and enthusiasm of our students.  Placing teams are awarded cash prizes ($6000 for first place and $2000 each for second and third) and are given valuable work experience opportunities if they choose to pursue an Engineering or Engineering Science degree at Auckland University.  In previous years, some of our students have been fortunate enough to place and we hold high hopes for this year’s students. We are very proud of each one!

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