Head and Deputy Head Prefects

An introduction to our Head and Deputy Head Prefect team…

Hello! I am Aqsa Kothiwala and I oversee the Social Committee. My favourite subject is biology; I find it very interesting to learn about the complex processes that occur on an everyday basis. I love spending time with my family and friends and I enjoy travelling and meeting new people.

Hey I’m Andrew Evans and I oversee the Arts Committee. I enjoy playing the saxophone and being in the great NZ outdoors.

Hey I’m Lucy Beban and I oversee the Wellness Committee. I love fencing and cooking and I’m fascinated by different political and legal systems around the world.

Hi , I’m Samantha Optican and I oversee the Community Service Committee. I love History, English, Classics, and Spanish and am passionate about all of the wonderful social justice causes that the committee will be helping out this year.

Hi I’m Ruby Conway and I oversee the Sports Committee. I’m super passionate about PE, especially netball and volleyball

Hi I’m Kate Flint, I oversee the Primary Committee. I love history and looking at how many different situations repeat over time. I am also an avid reader, baker and I enjoy speech and drama.

My name is Matiss Lusis and I oversee the Environmental Committee. I am interested in design, technology and geography and how these can be incorporated into creating innovative sustainable solutions that will benefit the modern changing world.

My name is Leo Zhang and I oversee the Cultural Committee. I am interested in Volleyball and my favourite subject is Maths.

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