IB1 – Extended Essay Presentations

The Year 12 IB1 students are currently working on improving their research question for the extended essay (EE) so that they can successfully conduct the required research to complete their EE. Each student was required to present their subject, topic, research question and the methodology that thy will use to conduct their research. The presentations were mainly oral followed by questions from Mr Marshall and Ms Huang to clarify any unclear points. Some students had created PowerPoint presentations and one student showed us a video about the Tibetan art she is intending to research. This gained a deserved round of applause from the audience.

The students were also given the opportunity to meet with their EE supervisors and complete the compulsory first written reflection on the IB Managebac computer system.

The session gave us interesting and stimulating examples of their range of ideas and the originality of their approaches. We wish them all the best as they develop their research and essays over the holidays.

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