ICAS Science Competition

At the end of Term 2, some of our Year 3-6 students elected to participate in the ICAS Science Competition administered by the University of New South Wales.  This is an international assessment which allows students to compare their abilities with other children throughout New Zealand as well as internationally.  The questions focus on the following skills:  observing, measuring, interpreting, predicting, concluding, investigating, reasoning and problem solving.  Well done to all the students who reviewed past papers and eagerly participated in this competition.  Congratulations to the following students who achieved either a distinction, high distinction, merit or credit certificate.  It has been pleasing to see the great achievements by our students and also the overall improvement in our Science results; we continue to go from strength to strength.

High Distinction (Top 1% of participants)
George Cheng, Year 4

Distinction (The next 10% of participants)
Salvador Hayter, Year 3
Cameron Barrett, Year 4
Ark Ding, Year 4
Aanya Abeysekera, Year 5
Jack Houghton, Year 5

Credit (The next 25% of participants)
Eugene Wang, Year 3
Bowen Shao, Year 4
Fabio Bernasconi, Year 5
Oliver Deng, Year 5
Bernie McCahill, Year 5
Leo Qin, Year 5
Sophia Shen, Year 5
Kira Sonoda, Year 5
Caspar Choy, Year 6
Harrison Gilbert-Reid, Year 6
Leo Li, Year 6
Nikhil Rachhod, Year 6
Esther Young, Year 6

Merit (The next 10% of participants)
Xavier Edgerton, Year 3
Yusng Seol, Year 4

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