Junior Football

The season so far for the Parnell Football U15’s has been mixed with defeat and victory. A slow start for the squad proved challenging to recover from, but as the weeks passed and the training sessions became harder, the team grew into a cohesive unit and results started to show.

With some notable wins under their belt against Auckland Grammar B1 and Saint Peter’s Yellow, the team’s confidence sky rocketed and an non-defeatist attitude developed. In the most recent game, which was sadly a loss to Mount Albert United, the team had a battle on their hands from kick off but immediately showed the MAGS team that they meant business scoring three goals throughout the game. Suffering three injuries in the last five minutes didn’t help, however this failed to deter the Parnell players and the game remained competitive until the final whistle.

The new players to the team this season have easily been caught up in the positive culture of the team and are now integral to the development of the squad as the season progresses. Players who were unsure of their ability or role at the start of the season now pest the coaches to play full games and take on the opposition!

Watching from the sidelines it is easy to see the change amongst the squad. Jacob Kruger, Andrew Richards and James White have been key to this development with their shared responsibilities as captain and co-captains respectively. It is never easy to lead, it is even less easy to lead your mates and tell them when they need to step up their game. These boys however have taken that responsibility on as responsible young men and it is fair to say that they are respected by their peers for it. Their sound decision making and ability to lead the team forward it commendable.

As this half of the season closes down the team have earned a rest over the holidays and are ready to finish strong in the second half of the season.

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