Language Perfect World Championships 2018

During the last two weeks of May, Language students were asked to take part in the Language Perfect World Championships 2018.  The rules were simple, to compete against other language students all over the world and earn points by completing tasks in Spanish or Chinese.  The execution, however, took time and effort, more so as our students were in the middle of their Mid-year examinations.

Our students answered over 150,000 questions and we were placed 41st overall in Spanish out of 1058 schools and 111th overall in Chinese out of 1022 schools worldwide.  Nineteen of the participants will also receive a certificate and a chance to enter a draw for additional prices.

Finally and due to their outstanding perseverance, five students: Samir Bhatt, Stanley Jin, Jiyuan Zhang, Phedra Lim and Jessie Hu, who earned a Gold Award (3,000+ points) in the competition, have been selected to apply for the NZIIU Student Exchange Scholarships* (valued at $5,000 and $4,000 respectively).

We wish them every success with their applications and we encourage all the students to take part in future competitions.

Mrs Pascual

*NZIIU:  New Zealand Institute of International Understanding..

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