Lockdown Drills

ACG Parnell College has been working with an independent company, Harrison Tew®, who specialise in Emergency Management Plans for schools and educational facilities.  The procedures implemented allow us to respond safely and quickly to a range of circumstances.

Our entire school including our students, have all participated in training sessions and the response and interaction was very positive.

Recently, we conducted a lockdown exercise at each campus under the guidance of Harrison Tew®.  We are pleased to inform you that our students responded safely and maturely.

The lockdown is an important part of our emergency procedures.  We will be implementing emergency protocol exercises regularly to ensure all staff and students remain familiar with our processes.

Should you hear of a lock down or evacuation at the school, can I please ask that you do not attend the school or phone, as we will not be able to respond.  Your presence or contact may make it more difficult for us or the emergency services to manage a situation.

Any information pertaining to an emergency occurring at the school will be updated on our website as regularly as possible.

We believe that these procedures that we conduct for lock downs and evacuations should be deemed in a positive light, as it places us in excellent stead should one occur.  It is important that we practice these, as we don’t want our first lock down to be the real one.

We thank you for your support.

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