Marimba Festival

The Marimba Festival was held on Saturday 1 September at the Barfoot and Thompson Stadium.  Students and teachers from 29 Primary schools participated and more than 400 students performed the songs which were predominantly composed  by New Zealand composers – all based around this year’s theme, The Ocean.  Although we all gathered together for the first time on the day, we soon became one group of performers as each school had been slowly and patiently learning the pieces throughout the year.  The following students from Years 5 and 6 participated and represented our school: Aanya Abeysekera, Sophia Shen, Christopher Johnson, Andrew Huang, Nicholas Dryden, Navya Sharma, Eric Zhang, Andy Wong, Kitty Sun, Amy Jing, Bernie McCahill, Caspar Choy, Nikhil Ranchhod, Zoe Hooton, Aryan Srivastava, Ricky Xu, Leo Li and Jason Liu.  For the amazing floss dance with the marimbas, our fabulous singers dressed up as Pacific Islanders, our confident recorder, clarinet, flute and cello players played beautifully on the stage and the whole atmosphere was such a fun and memorable experience with great audience participation and support.

Congratulations to all our participants who showed commitment throughout the Marimba practices, and well done for showing the school values of Achievement and Leadership and Teamwork.  Many thanks to our supportive parents for nurturing our students’ creativity and caring about the values that our students learn through making and presenting music together inside and outside of school.

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