Message from the Principal

In the last newsletter I talked about the option choice time we are now in.  I want to add another dimension.

As you discuss option choices you should also be considering the non academic choices as well.  Co-curricular activities are also essential for developing the skills and experience necessary to draw upon in future years.

At the International IB conference in March this year it was repeatedly stressed by universities that academic excellence was not enough.  They wanted to see a CV which had evidence of leadership (team captain, prefect etc), committed team membership, sports, music and wider life experiences.

For example, when top universities see a student has reached a high level on a musical instrument and participated in orchestras they know that the student can practice effectively, stay committed, work and contribute as a team member.  They can also stand solo when needed.  These are highly desirable skills.

So any plan for the future should have an academic programme at the centre, and it should be surrounded by a varied range of other activities.  Test the plan by viewing it objectively…. if it was all achieved with excellence would it stand out from the crowd?

All the best

Russell Brooke


ACG Parnell College

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