Message from the Principal

Whilst I confess that I don’t “like” seeing our All Blacks not win, I was appreciative of Steve Hansen’s comment in the press the next day.

“Sometimes when you’re trying new things you’re having to think about how you’re doing them,” Hansen said in defence of his players, and in particular his forwards, a day after the 16-16 draw.  “In a high-speed game when there’s a high-speed defensive line coming at you, you haven’t got time to think about it.  You have to be instinctive.”

While I am possibly in danger of over-labouring the point of why we practice things, such as homework, and repetitive learning, here is one of our top coaches making the same point.  In order to succeed under pressure we need to practice things until they are instinctive.  From that point we can then be skilful and expertly creative.  Exams, tests, performances, sports matches, and so much more are all snapshots in time that test our skill, attitude, and resilience and they are great attributes for all young people to develop.

I wish our Senior students all the best as they prepare for the upcoming school examinations.

Russell Brooke



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