Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

As you read this newsletter our exam tutorial programme is in full swing.  These tutorials are a crucial part of the build-up to exams and it is wonderful that our staff give their holiday time to run these sessions.  I am heartened to see students attending, clearly seeking to do well.  In last week’s assemblies we advised students that if they wanted more help they could email their teachers and book a time to come in for a one to one session.  Please do remind them of that offer.

In the last few newsletters I have been writing of some aspects that are changing for 2020.  The last one I want to mention is that the Senior Campus will be going fully mufti.  I have thanked and congratulated our senior students for the culture they have created there, and for the excellent citizens they have been in the community.  As a consequence of that success we all felt that it was appropriate and justified that the campus move to fully mufti and truly embrace the pre-university spirit.

Term 3 has been a busy one indeed.  I hope you enjoy reading of all that has happened.

Kind regards
Russell Brooke

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