Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Our senior exams have gone smoothly and we are pleased with the attitude shown by our students.  As you can imagine our teachers are now hard at work marking and getting feedback to students.  It is important that we all have a similar understanding of the purpose of these exams, and that is, to show what needs to be learnt.  Where are the gaps? What needs to be studied and/or worked on?  It is important to keep this non-emotional approach to exam results – something which is often very difficult for students to do, particularly in Year 11.  Our job, as parents, is to help our youngsters correctly frame up exam results and produce a plan of study going forwards.  Students should go into the upcoming tutorials with a clear  understanding of where their weaknesses are and with a determination to resolve them.

Meanwhile, you will see in this newsletter how busy our primary school has been.  The exchange day to ACG Strathallan was a highlight and is a new event marking the closer relationships we are developing with our sister ACG Schools.  I am also aware of all the hard work that is going into the primary production.  Please do come and support our young students.

Kind regards,

Russell Brooke

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