Sports, KBB, Wearable Waste….so many strings to our bow

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Sports, KBB, Wearable Waste….so many strings to our bow

There is a perception outside Parnell College that we don’t value sport.  Sport is very important to us.  It is a place students can learn to compete or to handle defeat and bounce back, be physically fit, relied upon by others, and so much more.  Sport provides so much to the growth of a child. It enhances the academic core.

Over the winter season we have had:

  • 34 teams representing ACG Parnell in different winter leagues and tournaments: 8 in Badminton, 7 Netball, 5 Futsal, 4 Basketball, 4 Table Tennis, 2 Football, 2 Cycling, 1 Hockey, 1 Skiing.
  • 23 sport clubs offering weekly sessions: 5 Basketball clubs, 3 Netball, 2 Badminton, 2 Futsal, 2 Hockey, 1 Archery, 1 Body Conditioning, 1 Boys Fitness, 1 Cheerleading, 1 Girls Fitness, 1 Gymnastics, 1 Kung Fu, 1 Running Club, 1 Table Tennis.

 In addition, ACG Parnell has had numerous teams participating in local or national competitions:

  • Auckland Table Tennis Championships
  • Badminton Secondary Schools Championships
  • AIMS Games – Badminton
  • AIMS Games – Table Tennis
  • NZ Secondary Schools Malcolm Cowie Football Tournament

For sports, ACG Parnell has provided new uniforms for all the teams, including tracksuits/jackets.  This is to enable the students to look tidy and professional when representing the school.  We are also building sport pathways for primary students so they can easily continue doing sports when they move to the College.  This programme is currently implemented for Badminton, Futsal and Hockey.

Some of our teams and clubs are upskilled by professional coaches and trainers hired by the school.  It is worth mentioning that 12 current senior students, 2 former students and 9 members of the staff are coaching in sporting teams or clubs at the moment, showing their identification with, and commitment to, ACG Parnell.

Celebrate our sport with us and help us change perceptions.  We welcome your help as coaches and managers, and most importantly, as enthusiastic and positive side-line supporters.

And then there is our wonderful music programme.  I am delighted by our KBB awards and the continual improvement of our ensembles.  Perhaps the most significant indication of this is the Silver award for the Four Strings Attached Junior Chamber Orchestra.  This is outstanding!

Finally, I want to congratulate our Head Girl, Cassidy Huang, for leading a team to produce the inaugural Wearable Waste show.  This was a fantastic event which will now become a permanent fixture on our events calendar.

Our focus now changes for the senior school.  Exams are upon us.  It is time to start the build up to the main event – the Cambridge exams.  If the recent results of the Chinese exams are anything to go by (read about that later)  our academic standards are in good heart.
Kind regards,
Russell Brooke

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