Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The school has continued with its purposeful work of teaching and learning without interruption and distraction in Term 2.  Reports will be sent home shortly.  These follow two successful and busy parent teacher evenings.  Thank you for your support at these and my expectation is that reports should not throw up any surprises.

Progress on the senior campus has been excellent and we are on schedule with consents being lodged and the tender process commenced. There has been strong interest from builders and all have confirmed they can complete the project on time.

Most of our sports uniforms and tracksuits have now arrived from Lenco and I am delighted to see our teams turning out looking smart and wearing our colours with pride.  Whilst we have a pragmatic attitude to our work uniform in school when it comes time to pull on our sports uniform or our number ones for a music performance or similar it is important that we make the effort to set a high standard of presentation.  It demonstrates that we are serious and committed to what we do – our wholehearted attitude.

There is much to read and celebrate in this newsletter.  In particular I would like to congratulate the year 6s on their Body World visit and the work they have done around that.  Teachers have been delighted with the high level of academic curiosity and thinking that has occurred.  Parents were supportive in the context preparation for the students.  As a result the learning has been outstanding.
This term we have had many students busy with winter sports, notably in football, netball and hockey.  Thank you to all supporters of these activities.  In addition, two of our students have achieved success at the West Auckland Performing Arts Association.  Congratulations also to Alex Pentchev who was a recipient of the New Zealand International Biology Olympiad Gold Award.

I would like to add a big thank you to Mrs McAtee and her team who put together such a lovely evening at the Ball on Saturday.  It was a very happy and successful evening for all who attended.

Thank you for your support this term and I wish you a lovely family time during the break.  Teachers are setting work for the holidays especially in senior courses, so you should see the odd textbook or two….

Kind regards,

Russell Brooke

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