Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,
I am writing this on the eve of swimming sports.  This year we are trialing a new format and I want to take this opportunity to explain why we did this.  There were two main problems facing us.  First, the size of the venue was causing concern, and secondly, in previous years we have recorded high amounts of student absenteeism on the day of the event.  With these issues in mind, I took the matter to the Senior Council for their opinion.

It would be fair to say that student feedback from that forum was overwhelmingly negative toward the event.  Students spoke, among other things, of high boredom levels, uncomfortable seating and difficulties in following what was going on.  In contrast there was recognition of the value of whole school events and everyone spoke warmly of athletics day.  At this event all school members, from Year 1 upwards, were involved and this was seen by many as the ideal whole school situation – and was appreciated by most as ‘lots of fun’.  And I agree totally.

In discussion with the Senior Management Team, we acted upon the above student feedback leading to yesterday’s trial where only participants were involved.  We now look forward to a debrief of the event and we will provide avenues for students and staff to give their thoughts on the new format.  If you, as parents and caregivers, have any thoughts about this topic, please do not hesitate to let me or your child’s tutor teacher know.
Kind regards,

Russell Brooke

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