Middle School Netball Teams

The ACG Parnell Pink Netball team have won the Year 7 F1 section.  The prize is very well deserved with the team winning all five games in the final stage (including the last nail-biting 19-17 win)!  Congratulations to the players – Annalise Crosby, Dhruvi Patel, Emilia Borsi Korkman, Kaitlyn Wolfe, Parineeti Dixit, Rhea Prasad, Sharon Su, Simrin Ranchhod, Wendy Zhong, Yasmine Labidi.

Congratulations also to the ACG Parnell Green Netball team for winning the Year 8 G1 section. The team consisted of Ashira Mead, Carise O’Brien, Charlotte Chan, Jessica Rickman, Rebecca Chen, Sasha Deprez and Sophie Wood. A huge thanks to the fantastic coaches Ana Bogosanovic, Lada Volkova, and Shani Gimblett.

The ACG Netball Year 10 Teal team won the Intermediate F Section 2 of the winter competition, played in the St John’s Centre.  Congratulations to the players for this amazing achievement.

Well done also to the Year 9 Gold team for finishing as runners-up in the of the junior E section 2. And a huge thanks to the coaches and umpires: Miss Paulin, Shivani Patel, Shreyal Patel, Katie Lloyd and Charlotte Rous.

Finally, thank you to all the parents, siblings, and relatives for their support.

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