National Youth Theatre production of Annie

Greta Hand (9LUU) participated in the National Youth Theatre production of Annie at the end of June.

“My experience of being in National Youth Theatre Company (NYTC)’s production of Annie was that it was very fun; I really enjoyed my role as the Apple Seller because I was performing with people I knew. The shows were from the 27th of June – 30th of June. When I auditioned we had two rounds of auditions: first  for the main roles then the other lead roles.  We had to learn some dialogue and some songs.  I was then cast as the Apple Seller.  It is really important that your family is able and willing to do a lot of driving to rehearsals. I feel I have benefited from this show because I had the experience of performing on one of Auckland Live’s most popular stages, the Aotea Centre. I am currently enrolled in another production with NYTC called The Wizard of Oz.  It will be showing from 28 November until 1 December also at the Aotea Centre. It is great fun and has been a brilliant experience”.
Greta Hand 9LUU





ACG Parnell College

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