NZCETA Competition

On 19 September, the NZCETA Economics Pursuits Competitions was held in the University of Auckland’s Epsom campus.  Five of our senior students, both IB and Cambridge competed as a team in the Economics competition, where they faced 7 vigorous rounds of questions on various topics.  The students who competed were Yui Heo, Elliott Kim, Lucy Beban, Zac Stephenson, and Caitlyn Caskie.  As there were time constraints on each of the questions, the team was put under considerable pressure.  Nevertheless, they managed to pull off a commendable result of 2nd overall, falling just a few points short of securing 1st place.  Elliott Kim, who is currently in his first year of studying the IB course, commented, “it was an exciting and enjoyable experience.”  “Although I’ve just completed 10 months of the 2-year long IB course, I was comfortably able to answer many of the questions”.  “I enjoy following the IB course, because it teaches me useful knowledge that I can apply in real-life situations, while at the same time knowing that it prepares me well for University entrance and studies.”

ACG Parnell College

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