Open Mic Night

We’ve all done them:  the universal Open Mic Nights that spring up in likely and unlikely places all over the world. Some are fantastic, some are not, but the successful ones, the ones that become legend, are a treasure.

If you didn’t go to the last Open Mic Night  then you missed out on a soulful celebration of great music. The senior rock band nailing ‘Creep’ by Radiohead; the Glee Club with all their impressive harmonies; Evelyn Yang showing off her vocal ability with ‘Read all about it’ by Emily Sande; Thomas Julyan singing a bit of Frank Sinatra proving to everyone that he is not just a great actor.

But it wasn’t just a night of seasoned musicians, in fact some of the students in the school who don’t normally get involved with music joined in the fun by jamming out some karaoke.

To enjoy this and more, make sure you come to the next karaoke night which is scheduled for the 14 June.


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