Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent-Teacher Interviews

These meetings will take place on Thursday 27 June and will be held in Titoki St (Years 7-13) and George St (Years 0-6).  They are an excellent opportunity for parents and teachers to have a two-way conversation about the progress of students.  Children are welcome to attend the interviews and, particularly in the case of senior students, this can be a very worthwhile inclusion.  Our goals with these meetings are for them to be positive, professional and forward-looking.  Frequently this means that in an interview we are looking to highlight some of the pleasing attributes of each learner as well as to suggest some ways to improve upon the current performance.  With recent examinations having occurred for Year 7 to 13 students, it can also be a good opportunity to drill down on strengths and weaknesses highlighted in the examination report.  Do come along with specific questions.  We also take this opportunity to remind parents that timeliness is important to us all and that teachers will do their very best to keep to appointment times.  Please, do be understanding: if you are late, a teacher may not be able to reschedule you on that date.  In this situation, we encourage you to email the teacher for feedback or to find time for a catch-up conversation.  Similarly, if there is more that you wish to talk about, discuss with the teacher the possibility of making an appointment for early next term to follow-up.  We gently remind you that parking can be an issue around our campus so leave adequate time for this.

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