PE Option Choices for 2020

As indicated in a previous newsletter, one aspect of being an Inspired School involves giving students the option of participating in Dance as part of their Physical Education Programme.

Your child should now have received a Physical Education Option Choice form for next year.  This form requires pupils to choose their preferred lesson activities in Physical Education in 2020.  The choices are as follows:

  • Pupils to have two Physical Education lessons per week.  Each term pupils will take part in two different sports and these sports will both change each term.  This is exactly the same as how the current Physical Education programme runs.


  • Pupils to have two Physical Education lessons per week.  One of these lessons will be a Dance lesson, the other will be a different sporting activity.  This sporting activity will change each term however the Dance option will remain constant through the whole year.

If you have not already returned this form to your child’s tutor teacher, please do so as soon as possible.  It must have been signed by both you and your child.

ACG Parnell College

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