Picking Up and Dropping Off Lane

As the school has got larger, traffic management outside at drop-off and pick up times has become increasingly difficult.  In order to help ease the flow of traffic on George and Titoki Streets at these times, we have created a Pick-up and Drop-off (PUDO) lane down the left hand side of the college (diagram attached). Parents are asked to exit behind the college back onto George Street.

How this process will work:  When dropping-off or picking-up your child we ask that you turn into this lane (clearly marked in yellow) from Titoki Street.  Please drive down to the far end before dropping-off or waiting in the car for your child.  We ask that you move up behind the car in front if a gap is created (just like taxis on a taxi rank).  This will enable the next person to get out of the traffic on Titoki Street as quickly as possible.  To ensure everyone can safely drop-off or collect their child, please do not linger in this lane any longer than strictly necessary. Please also be mindful, when opening car doors, of other vehicles that may be passing you in the right hand lane.  Upon leaving the PUDO, ALWAYS turn right and exit via George Street, DO NOT PARK IN FOUNDATION CAR PARKS unless frequenting a business there.

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