Pop Up Cinema

On Friday 23 November, the Year 2s opened a pop-up cinema as part of their Businesses & Places Humanities unit.  Earlier in the term, the Year 2s conducted market research to find out if their idea of opening a cinema would be popular amongst the other primary school students.  Before the movie day, customers ordered buttered popcorn, old-fashioned lemonade, fruit and lolly bags and received their movie tickets.  The Year 2 and 5 classrooms were transformed into movie theatres and each student in Year 2 had a job as an usher, food service worker, security guard, or box office staff member.  The customers enjoyed their movie experiences and would definitely be keen for the pop-up cinema to return!  After taking away the cost of food, drink and packaging, the Year 2s raised $469.35, to be donated to KidsCan which provides Kiwi kids in need with food, clothing and health items at school.

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