Primary Music Solo Competition

The ACG Parnell College Primary Solo Music Competition was held on Friday, 25 October.  We had 25 participants this year and everyone bravely shared their musical talents in front of a large audience.  Amelia Giles, the music teacher from Royal Oak Primary School, came to judge the competition and she gave everyone encouraging feedback afterwards.  The following students from Years 1-6 participated:  Aanchal Gera, Andy Wong, Cindy Lee, Zoe Grant, Rebecca Grant, Ethan Godden, Sophie Gilbert-Reid, Phoebe Lin, Eugene Wang, William Wang, Yuhan Hao, Ethan Shen, Penelope Norfolk, Anastasia Puttick, Nancy Huang, Victoria Jiang, Seunghye Chang, Eden Cheong, Renia Shang, Claire Wu, Ryan Qiu, Emma Wang, Ali Chen, Charles Deng and Eden Oshri. Congratulations to everyone who participated and to the winners:  Charles Deng (1st), Anastasia Puttick (2nd), Renia Shang (3rd), Claire Wu and William Wang (Most Promising Award).

Thanks to all the parents and teachers for coming to support our amazing musicians.

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