Primary Principal’s Assembly

On Wednesday 25 September at Principal’s Assembly the following students were awarded certificates for outstanding effort and attitude during Term 3:

Year levelTerm 3
Year 0Alanod AlmuzayrieN/A 
Year 1 CROKevin CongZoe Grant
Year 1 KERBen ZhengRyan Chen
Year 2 HUNKyson ShanBryson Chan
Year 2FIRJayden JeonJuliette Tai
Year 3 BESRyan DengAda-Marie Weston
Year 3 FUHClaire WooAyden Kavia-Patel
Year 4HEWLouay BenaoumSophia Guo
Year 5LOWCaleb Kavia-PatelJaden Woo
Year 5KLEYuana ChenMila Hulena
Year 6 JNZRishin RanchhodLeon Fan
Year 6WASSophia ShenDerek Ding


ACG Parnell College

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