Primary Prizegiving

Our Primary Prizegiving was held in the school gymnasium on Wednesday 5 December.  The following students were awarded prizes:

Year 1 Girls Athletics Champion  – Juliette Tai
Year 1 Boys Athetics Champion  – Bryson Chan
Year 2 Girls Athletics Champion  – Sophia Lovett
Year 2 Boys Athetics Champion  – Renzo Rowe
Year 3 Girls Athletics Champion  – Liv de Sa
Year 3 Boys Athetics Champion  – Ethan Wu
Year 4 Girls Athletics Champion  – Anastasia Puttick
Year 4 Boys Athetics Champion  – Rayan Narayan
Year 5 Girls Athletics Champion  – Aanya Abeysekera
Year 5 Boys Athetics Champion  – Derek Ding
Year 6 Girls Athletics Champion  – Sasha Tkachenko
Year 6 Boys Athetics Champion  – Bashar Labidi

Cross Country
Year 1 Girls Cross Country Winner  – Sarah Ji
Year 1 Boys Cross Country Winner  – Justin Scott
Year 2 Girls Cross Country Winner  – Sophie Gilbert-Reid
Year 2 Boys Cross Country Winner  – Renzo Rowe
Year 3 Girls Cross Country Winner  – Nora Scott
Year 3 Boys Cross Country Winner  – Louay Benaoum
Year 4 Girls Cross Country Winner  – Anastasia Puttick
Year 4 Boys Cross Country Winner  Rayan Narayan
Year 5 Girls Cross Country Winner  – Aanya Abeysekera
Year 5 Boys Cross Country Winner  – Derek Ding
Year 6 Girls Cross Country Winner  – Sasha Tkachenko
Year 6 Boys Cross Country Winner  Bashar Labidi

Special Award For The Solo Music Competition
 Ricky Xu

Academic Awards
Year 1 Awards
Juliette Tai                 1st  Year 1 in Literacy in Mrs Beeton’s Class
Ethan Godden           1st  Year 1 in Literacy in Miss Crowther’s Class
Justin Scott                1st  Year 1 in Numeracy in Mrs Beeton’s Class
Jayden Jeon              1st  Year 1 in Numeracy in Miss Crowther’s Class

Year 2 Awards
Monica Wu                    1st in Literacy
Ayden Kavia-Patel         1st  in Numeracy
Sophie Gilbert-Reid       2nd  in Literacy
Ethan Shen                    2nd in Numeracy

Year 3 Awards
Salvador Hayter            1st in Literacy, 2nd in Numeracy
Eugene Wang               1st in Numeracy
Hannah Bhamji             2nd in Literacy

Year 4 Awards
Ben Lethborg                1st in Literacy
George Cheng              1st in Numeracy
Eden Oshri                    2nd  in Literacy
Ark Ding                        2nd in Numeracy

Year 5 Awards
Aanya Abeysekera:       2nd  in English, 2nd   in Mathematics, 2nd in Science
2nd  in Spanish, 2nd  in Art,  3rd in Humanities
Jack Haughton:             1st in English, 1st in Humanities 3rd = in Science
Sammy Huang:             1st in Art
Amy Jing:                       3rd = in Science, 3rd in Art
Bernie McCahill:            1st  in Mathematics, 3rd in Spanish
Leo Qin:                         1st  in Science
Leah Yozu:                     1st  in Spanish, 2nd in Humanities, 3rd  in English, 3rd in Mathematics 

Year 6 Awards
Harrison Gilbert-Reid    1st in Humanities
Zoe Hooton                   2nd in English
Alexandra Jackson       1st in English
Michelle Le                   2nd in Art
Leo Li                           2nd  in Mathematics, 2nd  in Science, 2nd in Spanish
3rd  in  Humanities
Nikhil Ranchhod          1st in Science, 3rd  in Spanish
Cherry Xu                    1st in Mathematics
Meilin You                   1st in Art
Esther Young               1st in Spanish,  2nd  in Humanities, 3rd in English
3rd in Mathematics, 3rd in Science
Yvonne Zheng             3rd in Art

Principal’s Awards. 
Year 1 
Ananya Srivastava     1st in Year 1
Kyson Shan                2nd in Year 1

Year 2
Nancy Huang             1st in Year 2
Ryan Deng                  2nd in Year 2

Year 3
Liv de Sa                     1st  in Year 3
Sophia Guo                2nd  in Year 3

Year 4
Vesta Rowe                1st in Year 4
Yusng Seol                  2nd  in Year 4

Year 5
Rishin Ranchhod        1st  in Year 5
Andy Wong                2nd in Year 5

Year 6
Rusandi De Silva Mathes Kankanamge       1st  in Year 6
Aiden Gollop                                                  2nd  in Year 6

Overall  Academic Excellence

Aanya Abeysekera                       1st in Year 5
Jack Haughton and Leah Yozu     2nd= in Year 5
Esther Young                                1st in Year 6
Leo Li                                            2nd in Year 6

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