Principals Awards – Middle School

On Friday 28 June the Middle School had assemblies where Principal’s Awards for outstanding Effort and Attitude during Term 2, 2019 were awarded.  Congratulations to the following students:

ForenamesKnown NameLast NameYrPlacing
ChenghaoChenghaoLi7Team runners up in Central Auckland Intermediate Schools Chess Champs
AllenAllenWeng7Team runners up in Central Auckland Intermediate Schools Chess Champs
FelixFelixXie7Team runners up in Central Auckland Intermediate Schools Chess Champs AND 100% score
EthanEthanZhang7Team runner up in Central Auckland Intermediate Schools Chess Champs
EthanEthanGalpin73rd equal
ZoeZoeHooton73rd equal
NathanNathanKwok73rd equal
MinuMinuPark73rd equal
BessieBessieSu73rd equal
DanielDanielXian73rd equal
ChaohanAmyZhang73rd equal
JohnJackArtrip72nd equal
EmilyEmilyCarley72nd equal
JoyJoyChen72nd equal
EmilyEmilyClement72nd equal
ToniToniDing72nd equal
NuochenKinoShi72nd equal
NuochenKinoShi7Prefect’s Choice – Young Excellence Award at Solo Music Competition (Drum, piano and saxophone)
MoMoLi7Joint 1st in Year 7 Beginners English
XiaoyueZoeYan7Joint 1st in Year 7 Beginners English
GeorgeGeorgeLindsay Smail71st equal
DivinaDivinaMarwa71st equal
AadityaAadityaLal83rd equal
PhedraPhedraLim83rd equal
DamonDamonLowe83rd equal
AdrianAdrianLowe83rd equal
TaranTaranLudher-Chandra83rd equal
AnabelAnabelRisell83rd equal
CharlotteCharlotteStokes83rd equal
WendiWendiZhong83rd equal
Jonathan TaiyoJonoBeach82nd equal
MaaryaMaaryaBhamji82nd equal
YuqingHeidiYe82nd equal
ZiqianCharlotteKong8Best Performance by a Year 7/8 student at Solo Music Competition (Guzheng)
HanboHanboFeng8Joint 1st in Year 8 Beginners English
ShanglinMaxXie8Joint 1st in Year 8 Beginners English
Elena JiaheElena JiaheSong81st
MadeleineMadeleineClark93rd equal
MadhavMadhavKapoor93rd equal
ChrisChrisMei93rd equal
ColdenColdenSapir93rd equal
Django TolmieDjangoScott93rd equal
GabriellaGabbyStyris93rd equal
YvonneYvonneWang93rd equal
XiaotianKittyXu93rd equal
AiruEmilyDu92nd equal
Asjad SAsjadEl-Jack92nd equal
GeoffreyGeoffHill92nd equal
HarryHarryShi92nd equal
AryanAryanTalathi92nd equal
SophieSophieWood92nd equal
YvonneYvonneWang9Prefect’s Choice at Solo Music Competition (Piano)
YuqingAmyHan9Most Engaging Performance at Solo Music Competition (Guzheng)
GeoffreyGeoffHill9Best Performance by a Year 9/10 student at Solo Music Competition (Piano)
YixuanHenryLiang91st in Year 9 Elementary English
NayoonNayoonLee91st equal
KyleKyleRosser91st equal
AvaniAvaniDhanak103rd equal
JakeJakeEarnest103rd equal
YunheHelenKang103rd equal
Amal FirojAmalKhan103rd equal
AgamAgamKhanna103rd equal
BrynBrynKliskey103rd equal
AprilAprilLiu103rd equal
YuzeCindyLuo103rd equal
SreenidhiSreenidhiNair103rd equal
VyomVyomPatel103rd equal
DevDevPatel103rd equal
StellaStellaPegram103rd equal
RehaanRehaanSahib103rd equal
RenseiRenseiShimoyama103rd equal
AmelyiahAmelyiahTanevesi103rd equal
CharlotteCharlotteWen103rd equal
YechenYechenHou10Joint 2nd in Year 10 Elementary English
HairongEvaWang10Joint 2nd in Year 10 Elementary English
KimberleyKimberleyYuan102nd Place in the 2019 Solo Music Competition (Cello)
HayleyHayleyBallard102nd equal
JennaJennaBlack102nd equal
Samuel Xin-JiSamChung102nd equal
ShotaroShotaroKoizumi102nd equal
HugoHugoLiu102nd equal
NikkiNikkiNoton102nd equal
NicoleNicoleQian102nd equal
Ming XuanMikeShi102nd equal
IsabelleIsabelleTsoi102nd equal
XiaoyanBarbraYan102nd equal
DanielDanielYu102nd equal
YuchengMichaelZhang102nd equal
LingkeLingkeLin101st in Year 10 Elementary English
ZhiyuTonyChen10Joint 1st in Year 10 Intermediate English
YuxiuUlricLing10Joint 1st in Year 10 Intermediate English
DianaDianaFakharinia101st equal
MaxMaxGittos101st equal
JoycelynJoycelynIp101st equal
TrumanTrumanPeacocke101st equal
IanIanChen113rd equal
CharlotteCharlotteConder113rd equal
YedidyaYedidyaFriedler113rd equal
ShivaanshShivaanshGounder113rd equal
Daniel Jong-HyunDanielKim113rd equal
YelyzavetaElizabethKurlova113rd equal
JonathanJonathanLau113rd equal
ReubenReubenLawler113rd equal
ZihanRaeLi113rd equal
Yu-HsiangSeanLiu113rd equal
FatimaFatimaMoses113rd equal
Jenna KayleighJennaParkin113rd equal
NishanthNishanthSangeeth113rd equal
AngeluAngeluSantos113rd equal
OliviaOliviaTrotman113rd equal
WilliamWilliamXu113rd equal
Priscilla Xi ErnPriscillaYeo113rd equal
YuxiYuxiZhang113rd equal
Daniel Jong-HyunDanielKim113rd place in the 2019 Solo Music Competition (Viola)
OlesyaOlesyaBarikova112nd equal
SamuelSamCase112nd equal
PiperPiperChapman112nd equal
Owen WeiOwenJin112nd equal
MinjuMinjuLee112nd equal
RaymondRaymondLi112nd equal
RenkeTeresaLiu112nd equal
AmyAmyMander112nd equal
JosieJosieModgill112nd equal
ZelinZelinShao112nd equal
OliverOliverYates112nd equal
RyeojinRyeojinYoon112nd equal
AnnieAnnieGui111st equal
Min JuJulianneKim111st equal

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