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As you will be aware from earlier newsletter notices, a panel of teaching staff members have been undergoing a review of our current reporting processes.  The aim of the review is to ensure that our reporting mechanisms provide relevant, effective and timely information to students and parents, thereby maximising the impact of feedback on learning outcomes.

The initial data collection part of this process started at the end of Term Two, where interviews were conducted with:  senior and junior student councils; a randomised sample of parents selected to represent diverse views; and multiple groups of teachers.  The aim of the interviews was to gain an in-depth understanding from a wide variety of voices.

Further information was collected via an online survey platform, which ensured we were able to capture the views from as many teachers and parents as possible enabling us to gauge trends.

The next stage in the process is curently underway.  We are now looking at ways that we can apply the feedback from stakeholders to our current reporting process.  This involves developing prototypes for timelines, reporting templates and considering methods of reporting.

We thought that at this stage it may be of interest for you, our Parnell community, to take a look at the common themes that were evident in the feedback; these are themes which our prototypes will be responding to.  A list of these can be found at the end of the message.

Thank you to all parents and students who have taken the time to provide us with your valuable feedback and personal insights.  The teachers at Parnell are working hard with our Report Review Committee to ensure that any changes will further enhance the teaching and learning experience for our parents, young adults and children at ACG Parnell College.

Report Review Committee

Summary of Key Feedback Received

Themes for desired improvements:
Receive some feedback earlier in the year: end of Term Two is too late to make changes prior to examinations
More studentship information, particularly in Term One, to address any concerns from the outset
More short, sharp, regular feedback, while it is still relevant to topic or assessment
More comments focusing on improvement: identify what needs work and suggestions for improvement
Receive reports before Parent Teacher Interviews, rather than after, thus providing an opportunity to ask questions about reports at Parent Teacher Interviews
Comments should be clearer and more concise for ease of understanding
Feedback on whether goals set at Tutor Periods and Achievement Conferences have been achieved
Current tick boxes for studentship should be clearer and more consistently applied
Available online in a printable version for speed of delivery

Themes that are positive about the current reports:
They are detailed and comprehensive
Formal summary document is a good record of achievement for keeping
Shows teachers’ understanding of students
Marks and means for tests and examinations makes it easy to see where my child sits
Studentship tick boxes are clear and easy to understand
Like the Achievement Conference process; it is important to set goals

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