Resilience Forum: Understanding and Defeating Anxiety

Upcoming seminar for parents and students: Monday 16 September, 6-7pm in the Student Information Centre, ACG Titoki Street Campus.

Presenter: John Meeske, MSc Psychology, ACG Parnell College.

As part of our ongoing series on Growing Resilience, this free seminar examines the paradoxical nature of anxiety.

Anxiety issues are increasing amongst our young people, as is the use of anti-anxiety medications. Furthermore, childhood anxiety is also the main precursor to the major mental health issues in adulthood. Since anxiety is, by and large, a societally-driven problem, we all have a part to play in either alleviating or exacerbating it.

What lessons can we learn from how anxiety is treated therapeutically and how can we marshal these processes as parents, teachers and young people to build resilience?

Parents and students are invited to register for this event by email to by 11 September.

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