Running Club In Term 4, 2018

All Year 7-10 students are invited to participate in the Running Club which takes place on Thursdays from 7 to 8 am.  We meet at 7 am outside the changing rooms (next to the gym).

The collective goals (as well as having fun) are to train for the upcoming Cross Country on 14 November, and to supplement other sporting interests by keeping fit via running.  We aim to help develop the children by giving them tips, teaching running etiquette and providing training on muscular and cardio fitness.

Prior to Cross Country, the Running Club participants will be familiarising themselves with the Cross Country course and have the opportunity to compete in various running events held in Auckland Domain.  The students can use this as their benchmark for improvement if they choose before they taper for the Cross Country.

Post Cross Country, if numbers grow, the students will be split into two, with one being a more general fitness group, and the other being a strength/speed training group.  Interested students are advised to talk to their PE teacher in the first instance.

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