Scrabble in the Student Information Centre / Library

A life-size Scrabble board has been erected in the library for students to play.  The 4 competing teams are made up of joint efforts between a middle school and senior year group.  Crowds tend to gather around the table as discussions on the validity of a word or the best possible word to play ensue.  After a turn is taken, students often go round the library to invite students from another year group to proceed with their turn.  The level of engagement has been extremely high.  In the first game, the team from Year 11 and 8 won with a total score of 257.  The highest word score, made by Alexander Wong (BAM), was a whopping 85 from the word BRAZIER, a 7 letter word that warranted an extra 50 points for the effort.  This interactive Scrabble board will be up for a while longer so do come to the SIC to contribute to your team.

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