Senior Prizegiving

Our College prizegiving was held in Holy Trinity Cathedral on Thursday 6 December.  The following students in Years 11 to 13 were awarded prizes:

Academic Awards Year 11
Year 11
AtifAsif3rd in IGCSE Business Studies
HalcenLiu3rd in IGCSE Mathematics (EXT)
AntonyRazzell3rd in IGCSE Physics
BookSrisuwannaket3rd in Level 1 NCEA English
AlexanderWong3rd in IGCSE Computer Science
ZacharyAmir2nd in AS Biology and 2nd in  IGCSE Physics
LucyBeban2nd in  IGCSE Economics
AndrewChee2nd in  IGCSE Physical Education
ElenaGao2nd in  Level 1 NCEA English
SylviaLi2nd in  IGCSE Computer Science
DylanLiu2nd in  IGCSE Mathematics (EXT)
AnnaliseStewart2nd in  IGCSE Art and Design
CandyXie2nd in  IGCSE Business Studies
EricXing2nd in  IGCSE Accounting
JayAng1st in IGCSE Geography
KylieChow1st in AS Physical Education, 2nd in  IGCSE Design & Technology and 3rd in IGCSE English and 3rd in AS Mathematics
JacobDoyle1st in IGCSE Chinese and 1st in IGCSE Physical Education
AndrewEvans1st in IGCSE Music
AarnobGuha1st in IGCSE Computer Science and 3rd in IGCSE Economics
JasmineJiang1st in IGCSE Physics and 3rd in IGCSE Biology
GabriellaKazenbroot-Phillips1st in IGCSE Chemistry and 1st in IGCSE Design & Technology
SerenaLau1st in AS Mathematics, 1st in IGCSE English, 2nd in  IGCSE Biology and 2nd in  IGCSE Chemistry
MargoMa1st in IGCSE Mathematics (EXT)
CharlesMatthews1st in IGCSE Spanish
AlexanderPuttick1st in IGCSE Accounting
AliceSeo1st in IGCSE Art and Design
FionaYang1st in IGCSE Business Studies
SophiaYe1st in IGCSE Biology, 1st in IGCSE History, 2nd in  IGCSE English and 3rd in IGCSE Chemistry
MacsimZhang1st in IGCSE Economics
HelenZhu1st in Level 1 NCEA English
Year 12
MarkChen3rd in Level 2 NCEA English
KevinChen3rd in A2 Mathematics
RaquelDewstow3rd in AS Physics
IshaanGoel3rd in AS Accounting
RiddhiKavale3rd in AS English Language
SidhaarthKumar3rd in A2 Physics
MinaCullen2nd in  AS Computer Science
BobinKim2nd in AS Chemistry, 2nd in AS Mathematics and 3rd in AS Biology
TravisManning2nd in  AS English Language 2nd in AS History
IsabellaSagar2nd in  AS Business Studies
ChrystalSun2nd in  Level 2 NCEA English
TessaBarker1st in AS Biology, 1st in AS English Literature and 1st in AS History
SammyChen1st in AS Art and Design (Graphic Design) and 1st in AS Painting
JasonCoates1st in AS Computer Science, 1st in AS English Language and 2nd in  AS Geography
AlexCooper1st in AS Music
ImogenGrayson1st in AS Design & Technology
ThomasJulyan1st in AS Drama
EricLu1st in AS Art and Design (Photography)
AndySun1st in Level 2 NCEA English
AbigailYeo1st in AS Accounting
Year 13
AnaBogosanovic3rd in A2 English Literature
MichealCheung3rd in A2 Biology
ZoeDuffy3rd in AS Business Studies
ShaniGimblett3rd in AS English Literature
SryanaSukhdev3rd in AS Chemistry
NaomiFong2nd in  AS Physics
AdamHan2nd in  AS Accounting
JamesHe2nd in A2 Mathematics
ManavKaila2nd in  AS English Literature
WendyLiang2nd in  Level 2 NCEA English (Writing)
AmyMiller2nd in  A2 Accounting and 3rd in AS Economics
AmilSolanki2nd in  A2 Economics
SethWells2nd in  A2 Computer Science
EmilyZeng2nd in A2 Business Studies and 1st in AS Business Studies
RebeccaBartlett1st in AS Physics
TrisnaClaney1st in A2 Music
RoseanneFan1st in A2 English Literature and 1st in A2 Geography
HarrietGrayson1st in A2 English Language and 2nd in  A2 English Literature
BaileyHattam1st in A2 Photography
JoelHutchinson1st in AS Classical Studies
MarkHutchinson1st in A2 Biology, 1st in A2 Physics and 2nd in A2 Chemistry
AlexanderKilmartin1st in A2 Design and Technology
CrystalLi1st in A2 Mathematics
AlexanderPentchev1st in A2 Economics, 1st in AS Economics and 3rd in A2 Chemistry
CalebProbine1st in A2 Chemistry, 1st in A2 Computer Science and 1st in Further Maths
DunbarSloane1st in AS Geography and 2nd in AS Economics
CarolineTompkins1st in A2 Art and Design (Graphic Design) and 1st in A2 Art and Design (Painting)
Alexandervan der Laan1st in A2 Physical Education
KevinWu1st in A2 Accounting, 1st in A2 Business Studies, 1st in A2 History and 2nd in A2 English Language
IreneZhou1st in AS Chemistry, 1st in Level 2 NCEA English (Writing), 2nd in  A2 Biology and 2nd in A2 Physics
Principal’s Awards
AarnobGuhaEqual 2nd Place – Y11 Principals’ Award
GauriRajEqual 2nd Place – Y11 Principals’ Award
ElianorKapelevich1st Place – Y11 Principals’ Award
BrianNguyen2nd Place – Y12 Principals’ Award
SammyChen1st Place – Y12 Principals’ Award
IreneZhou2nd Place – Y13 Principals’ Award
CrystalLi1st Place – Y13 Principals’ Award
Academic Excellence Awards
SophiaYe2nd in Year 11
SerenaLau1st in Year 11
JasonCoates2nd in Year 12
TessaBarker1st in Year 12
Special Awards
IsabellaCreemersTrophy for Service to Drama
CalebProbineTrophy for Service to Music
ShivaniPatelTrophy for Service to Sport
EmilyZengDeputy Head Prefects Cup and Certificate
ManavKailaDeputy Head Prefects Cup and Certificate
CassidyHuangHead Prefects Cup and Certificate
AthanRatnamHead Prefects Cup and Certificate
University Scholarships
EmilyReichardtAcademic Potential Scholarship
JoelHutchinsonMaori Academic Excellence Scholarship
Sir John Graham Cup for Outstanding Service to the School
ShaniGimblettSir John Graham Cup for Outstanding Service to the School
ACG Founders Scholarship
AlexanderPentchevACG Founders’ Scholarship 2018
Top Academic Awards for Year 13
Proxime Accessit
CalebProbineProxime Accessit
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