New Zealand Korean Speech Competition

Congratulations to Abigail Yeo and Hai Lan who won 1st and 3rd place respectively at the New Zealand Korean Speech Competition on Saturday 21 September.

Chinese Speech Success

Over the weekend, Year 9 student, Colden Sapir, and Chinese teacher, Mr Chaohai Cui, went to Christchurch to attend the 12th Chinese Proficiency Competition for…

Year 1 and A2 Language Class

The A2 language class are learning about language acquisition so they came to visit the Year 1 students as a part of their studies.

Chinese Speech Competition Success

Colden Sapir and Maruti Mishra attended the New Zealand Chinese Bridge Speech Competition (Auckland Regional Competition) on 19 May at the University of Auckland.  It…

National Chinese Speech Competition

Congratulations to Angelu Santos (Year 10) and Charles Yates (Year 8) on reaching the finals of the National Chinese Speech competition which were held on…

Chinese Language IGCSE Results

The Languages Department is very pleased with the results of the 2018 IGCSE Mandarin Chinese (Foreign Language) examination.  Six students took part In the examination:…
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