U15 Football

It is easy for any team to ‘slow down’ as they enter the tail end of their season, especially after a three week break and it can mean a bit of extra pressure on the coaches having to recover lost ground.

Thankfully there was no lost ground to recover for the U15’s after the holidays. An above average turnout to our first training of the term, and the fizzing attitude to boot, saw us have a fun and effective training session in preparation for the game on Saturday against St. Peter’s Blue.

This positive attitude stayed with the team for game day and, in what developed to be a high-octane game, the lads won conclusively 4-1.  Such was the calibre of the team and level that they played at, it was less than an easy decision to pick Player of the Day.  Thanks to a fantastic bit of defensive play in the last quarter, in which he battled an opposition player three times his height, Tai Wei Loh undoubtedly deserved the title for sheer tenacity in closing the St. Peter’s player down.

As is always the way, despite the victory, lessons were learnt and flaws exposed themselves for us to work on in the coming weeks. One such lesson is that certain things are beyond our control and that sometimes we need to ‘adjust our sails’ instead of just screaming back into the wind.  The end result is a testament to this, as with some contentious calls from the ref, the game could have easily slipped away from ACG and favoured St. Peter’s.  With some advice from the coaches and parents the team picked up on this, adapted their attitude, overcame the adverse calls and persevered to the final whistle.

With three games left in the season, both coaches are delighted to see that what we work on in training is sinking in come game day.  There is a real sense of buy-in to the welfare of the team.  Seeing the more experienced players take a team mate aside and explain how they can improve, and that player then in turn put it into practice, is a prime example of just how much of a squad the U15’s are.

Of course no team could bond without a healthy level of banter and the lads are no exception thanks to our resident joker Ryan Ghee, who is currently acting as cheerleader due to an unfortunate injury.  If anyone has some pom-poms he can borrow please drop them to the P.E office.

“Results matter, but how we respond to those results matters more”.

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