Welcome to Davis Crescent

It has been a busy but exciting start to 2019 in the Senior Campus.  Students and staff are getting used to the new campus on Davis Crescent.  After months of building work, with students in classes, it now feels like a school!  A different school to the other campus but still connected as one Parnell College.  There is still work to be done, artwork to go up in the corridors, student work in the classrooms but there is a buzz around the building and students are enjoying the space.

Staff have been extremely busy working with students and their families ensuring that they are in the correct courses and taking the subjects that they want.  At this stage of the year, we have been successful in getting most of the students in the right subjects, however, there may still be some minor changes to adjust the balance of class sizes.

I have been very impressed with the way students have started the year and settled quickly into classes.  This is an important term where a large amount of course material is covered.  Setting high standards now will pay off later in the year.

I encourage all the senior students to make the most of this unique year.  You have the opportunity to set the tone and establish the culture of this new campus.  Get involved this year, try a new activity, take on leadership responsibility, help others, but most importantly set yourself high goals and then carry out the plan that will allow you to achieve them in 2019.

Mr Ed Coup

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