Y1 Trip to the Movies

Year 1 was lucky enough to have a trip to the movies to see Toy Story 4 as a part of Visual Literacy.

Our trip to the movies

On Friday it was so rainy. It was raining with loud thunder but we got to the amazing movie theatre just in time. My favourite part was that Forky loved the trash and the trash bin. When we were walking back to ACG it was pouring with rain outside. When we got inside we were soaking wet but I had so much fun.

By Matthew

Our trip to the movies

On a rainy Friday the Year ones and zeros went to the movies! We watched Toy Story 4. My favourite character was Forky because he is funny and he said ‘trash!’ Mr Brooke, Mrs Beeton, Mrs Hill and Mrs Wheadon came too. We even had popcorn. When we went back it rained lots. When I got back I was soaked. I loved the trip.

By Ryan

Our trip to the movies

On a rainy Friday we went to the movies with the lovely teachers. First we walked with a buddy. Then we arrived. After that the lovely teachers handed out some salty crunchy popcorn. Finally, we watched the movie. I enjoyed it. My favourite part was the ending when they found each other.

By Yvonne


ACG Parnell College

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