Year 5 Rangitoto Trip

In the last week of Term 3, Year 5 went for a trip to Rangitoto Island to support their in-class learning about Natural Disasters and Tourism.  First, we walked to the summit and then had a quick break and on the way back down, we went into the lava caves.  It was quite dark inside, so we brought torches in.  It was really cool inside.  You could see the broken up basalt from where the lava had once been and the ripples on it from when it moved.  On the way out Miss Kerse, our teacher, had to help us because it went straight up.  On the way back to the ferry, we were running a little late, so we had to sprint to get back in time.  The fact that it was raining also didn’t help matters.

It was a really fun learning experience and although it was quite tiring we all enjoyed it and we were very lucky to get the opportunity to be able to go on such an exciting adventure.

By Aanya Abeysekera and Leah Yozu

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